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爱在第三级 ——上海世外小学 扎西宗乡中心小学 Love at Level 3


情牵千里 让爱继续 Continuous Love


SWFL&Za Xi Zong Xiang Central Primary School


爱心是冬日里的阳光,给寒冷的人带来温暖;A warm heart is the sunshine in winter. It comforts people and they feel wanted.

爱心是黑暗中的明灯,给前行的人照亮前路......A warm heart is the light in the dark. It helps people to see and keep moving.

西藏距离上海几千公里,对这个美丽的地方我们充满着向往,也饱含着牵挂。Tibet is thousands of kilometers away from Shanghai. We miss it but look forward to visiting this beautiful place.


2021年6月  爱在第三极~上海世界外国语小学双语部二C班 现场连线远在千里之外的西藏珠峰扎西宗乡中心小学 二3班。这是老师和孩子们都期盼已久的一次特别的见面。In June, 2021, Love at level 3, 2C students from the Bilingual Section of WFLPS had a remote visit to Class 3 Grade 2 of Za Xi Zong Xiang Central Primary School in Tibet which is thousands of kilometers away. It’s the first time for the teachers and the students to have this special meeting.


西藏自治区定日县扎西宗乡,就在珠穆朗玛峰脚下,海拔 4119 米。扎西宗乡小学,这所距世界最高峰最近的学校,拥有6个年级12个教学班。28名教师和528名学生一起,呵护着这一方小小的校园。这些学生如同这个地方一样简单质朴,让远在上海的世外学子也为之牵挂,想到他们的学习条件有限,学习资源缺乏,孩子们决定一起用行动伸出援手,奉献一份爱心。Za Xi Zong Xiang in Tibet is located under the foot of Mount Everest. The height is 4119m above sea level. The primary school is the closest one to the highest mountain in the world. It has 6 Grades and 12 classes, comprising of 28 teachers and 528 students. The students in SWFLPS are curious about school life there. They learn about students who have inadequate learning conditions and a lack of learning resources. The students decide to lend a hand to them and take action.   三c.JPG

为了使这次视频连线顺利通畅,大队部倡议,校领导、家长学生大力支持,一呼“万”应,爱心计划成形,各方分头行动。之前班主任Ellen、天圣妈妈、嘉乐妈妈做了许多前期准备工作,据说西藏那边为保持畅通更是需要做大量的准备。 活动当天上午网速很给力,让我们顺利连线见到了小伙伴。c班王嘉乐这组学生将学校综合学科活动义卖所得的1300元全部捐赠。嘉乐代表C班“巨人之路”小组发言,她说到:在学校组织的综合学科活动中,我们“巨人之路”小组的小朋友们通过自己的推销卖出了我们亲手搭建的模型玩具,共筹到了1300元。第一次见面,我们也不知道西藏的小伙伴喜欢什么样的书本和文具,所以通过“爱在第三极”转交这笔基金,为你们助学出一份力,也希望能够将这份千里之爱继续下去”。 In order to make the video go smoothly, the Young Pioneer Group involved the principals of the school, the parents and the students.  They were taking action. Before that, class teacher, Ellen, Tian Sheng’s mom and  Jia le’s Mom prepared many things. The school in Tibet also did a huge amount of preparation in readiness for the meeting. On the morning of the event, the wireless speed was good and the remote visit proceeded smoothly. Wnag Jiale’s group from Class C donated 1300yuan which came from the "Subject Activity of School". Jia Le was the representative of Class C, and made a speech about “The Road of a Giant”. She said, “During the Subject Activity, “The Road of the Giant”Group sold the DIY model toys and received 1300yuan. It was the first time for us to meet children in Tibet. We didn't know what kind of toys and stationery the Tibet children would need so we decided to create a fund,“Love at Level 3”so they could choose what they would need to hep them with their learning. . We hope we can pass on our love thousands of kilometers away.”

 随后队员也纷纷发表了自己的感想。王昕彦、季盛泽表示:“我觉得这次活动很有意义,我感到很自豪,欢迎你们有机会来上海来世外看我们哦”。After that, the pioneers expressed their thoughts. Wang Xinyan, Ji Shengze said, “I think it is a meaningful activity. I am so proud of it. We welcome SWFL students to connect with us。”

秦婉彤、姜允鹏说:“我祝你们快快乐乐,我希望我们的这一份心意能对你们有所帮助,让我们一起为未来加油”。黄思然说:“虽然我们相隔千里,但是我们的心和你们在一起”。Qing Wantong and Jiang Yunpeng said, ‘We wish that you are all happy. We hope that our gift can help you to learn for the future.’ Huang Siran said, “Though we are thousands of kilometers away from each other, our hearts are with you.” 


新校区与老校区就隔了一条5米宽的街,迈过去,就是扎西宗乡小学新的时代”。The principal of Za Xi Zong Xiang Central Primary School, Wang Jiu is excited. Through the video, the students visited the school building, the canteen and the classrooms. Principal Wang said, “In the new school campus, the facilities have improved. We have a media room, better teachers and students’ dormatores,  and the offices and school is well-equiped. It’s a big comparison between the new one and the old one.Between them is a 5 meter street. Once you cross it, there is a new era.”


宗乡小学的学生代表用藏式普通话和我们交流,当听到看到那边的孩子发言表示对我们的感谢时,在场的每一位师生内心都激动无比,随着歌曲“再唱山歌给党听” 活动顺利圆满。期间还观看了宗乡小学孩子们如何用餐,如何自己打扫餐厅等等,非常有感触。The representatives of Zong Xiang Primary School used the Tibet dalect of Mandarin to communicate with us. They had a speech to express their thanks to us. The students were excited. The students sang the song “Sing a song to the Party”. The activity had a successful ending. Meanwhile, our students watched how the students of Zong Xiang Primary School have lunch and did their chores like how to clean up. It impressed our students. 

善举融真情,爱心无止境,新时代我们在行动。Actions speak louder than words. Love is endless. We are taking action in the new era. 


这次“爱在第三极“活动在孩子们的心中种下了与西藏地区小朋友们的美好友谊,也点燃了孩子们对大爱的信念与火苗。“Love at Level 3” planted a seed of friendship in the hearts of the students in Shanghai and in Tibet. It also inspires faith and love in the children.



撰稿:吴慧莹Article Wu Huiying

摄影吴慧莹、王廷玮Photos Wu Huiying Wang Tingwei