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流年笑掷 未来可期——融合部五年级毕业展



In June, there is our annual graduation period. It just like standing at the street crossroads of life. How to graduate in a certain way? How to report on the whole five-year primary year learning completely? It is not only a piece of paper or pen that could cover all of them. The WFLPS PYP Section Yr5 students held a 3-day Exhibition in the gym.


本次毕业展根据本学期第二个单元“ 冲突CONFLICTS和第三单元 EXHIBITION 做了结合,要求学生在上学期电影单元的拍摄的电影主题基础上选题,从四个冲突类型中选择一个做研究。这四个冲突分别是:

Human vs. SocietyHuman vs. NatureHuman vs. HumanHuman vs. Technology

Conflict was the over arching theme of the exhibition this year. Students  made a film in Semester one based on the following topics: Human vs. SocietyHuman vs. NatureHuman vs. HumanHuman vs. TechnologyThey then followed through with research for the exhibition unit.



会见导师  从探索到实践

Mentors meeting regularly, from exploration to implementation


The Yr5 students of the 3 classes were divided into 20 groups. Each team had 4 or 5 students with two mentors. In the past few months, they need to meet their own mentors once every week. They discussed their topics and reported on their progress towards completing elements of the exhibition. The mentors supported and assisted a lot.Every Monday afternoon is the mentor meeting time for 5B Eric‘s group. There are four people in his group. They chose the topic  “Children‘s Rights.”



When Sophia heard the topic of the students in her group, she was surprised. The topics and forms were just like what she did in the college. Now Yr5 students are trying to research it and come to a conclusion. What do they think about it?



The group members gathered together to share their ideas. Justin thinks that the students should have rights to choose their own learning and playing. Austin thinks that some parents don‘t listen to their children‘s opinions at all. The students took the initiative and planned activities to assist their research in their own time. The only girl in the group, Emma takes down the minutes carefully. Every time when they have the meeting, she notes it all.  All members of the group have copies of the minutes so they can see what was decided and what each member had to do for the week. They use pictures and decorate their work so that it looks attractive.



Most of the time, Sophia and Courtney listen to the students‘ report carefully. They supervise the process. The students promote and develop the exhibition through expressing their thoughts and ideas.Katherine is a foreign drama teacher. She is a mentor as well. She provides the students a lot of support for the performance on the stages during the exhibition. They combined the performance with the exhibition boards. It  makes the exhibition transdisciplinary!


社会实践 从校园到校外

Social practice, from campus to the society



Besides the resources on the campus, the students explore more resources outside. With the help of the mentors and the parents, each group made full use of the weekends to do all kinds of surveys and social activities,.

5C Ethan group‘s topic is “Human Activities impact on Rainforests.” The city children know less about the rainforest. In order to know more about it, they went to the “City Jungle” Natural Science Center. They interviewed an expert named “Brother Frog”. They asked the direct questions “How to protect the rainforest as a city child?” The Brother Frog led the kids know about four plants which are not originally from Shanghai. They removed the plants for the City Jungle Center. After the activity, the students went back to school. They made a PPT. They had a live broadcast from the WFLTV station, informing students about protecting the natural habitats. They also designed and made the posters and hung them in the campus. They started from a simple central idea and built upon it. They were hard working and learned so much. They gained knowledge ot only from the classroom, but also from  experts in the field.



The exhibition started from June 16th, and lasted for 3 days in the Gym of WFLPS East Campus. The exhibition boards are displayed in the gym. When the visitors get closer to each board, the Yr5 students will introduce it in Chinese and English fluently.



5C Zhang Yingying, Yu Youfei and Shi Yanqing‘s board impressed the visitors a lot. ’The 3D decorations and colors make them want to find out their information. The sides of the board are decorated with cameras and films. It combined the idea and the action. The center of the board is the Mother Earth. The image is very visual. On her hair, there are all kinds of colorful flowers and grass. There are two pretty parrots in the bushes. She holds the Earth in her arms. The earth is rotating. Half of it is the blue sky and the white clouds. The other part is polluted gray sky. There is a yellow bike in front of the board. What‘s the function of this?’



People ride the bike to rotate the generator. There are wires around the magnets. It changes the mechanical power to the electrical magnetic power. (Tesro law As you see, riding the bike lights all the lights on the earth which includes the hands,eyes, wheels, and the solar panels. The graph and even the water could be lit through our interaction.



On the other hand, when someone pushes the wheel, the energy part will light the light just like what you see on the board. The half of the earth near the car ends are polluted a lot. Each one who participated  in riding the the bike and lighting the lights recieved an award and stickers. They wrote down their names and their actions and pasted them on the half of the earth which was polluted. This half of the Earth has been covered all in green. The other half is not polluted at all. It is  showing us that there is a sustainable way of transportation.



The three students named their group as “LIA”. LIA appealed more people to walk to work or use public transportation. They brought the green travelling idea to the exhibition.


There are more than 800 visitors during the 3-day Exhibition. The WFLPS PYP Section Yr5 students are sharing the planet by different methods. They know more about the social environment. The graduation is drawing near, they gather together to do all kinds of research, practice, provocation and thinking. They try to improve our future life. We look forward to seeing the future.