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融合部创新节·奇思妙想校长奖开幕PYP Innovation Festival-Opening Ceremony of creative ideas Principal Award


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The PYP Annual Innovation Festival is coming!It is a series of the WFLPS Creative Ideas Principal’s Award. It develops our curiosity and desire for knowledge , develop independent thinking skills and enable participation in hands-on activities.

一、参加“奇思妙想校长奖”Participate in creative ideas Principal Award


We encourage all the PYP students from Yr1 up to Yr5 to observe things around them carefully and choose a question to do more research.They are to fill in the “Creative Ideas”journal, submit a design , and make the product. The types of the products are varied.  For example, a little invention, a piece of dancing, a picture, an IT program, a model, an inspiration,or a song. 

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在创新节期间(916日~1028日),学生将通过收看直播的形式学习列举法临时小记者法、角色扮演法组合法等多种创新方法,激发想象力!小朋友还有机会WFL电视台分享他的想法和设计,被选中发言的同学可以为自己的house team加上50哦!During the Innovation Festival (From Sep.16th to Oct.28th), the students will watch  live the  broadcast to learn how to make a list, be a temporary journalist, do a role play, and make things. They are encourage to stimulate their imagination. The students also have the chance to go to the WFL TV Station to share their ideas and designs. The ones who are picked will get 50 House Team points. 


截止1014日前提交一段视频介绍你的参赛作品,内容包含探究过程 、产品制作和功能介绍,视频时长不超过8分钟。Please submit a video that introduces your work before Oct.14th. The content includes the process of  research, the introduction about how to make the products and their uses and functions. The video is to be less than 8 minutes. 

、如何拥有“奇思妙想”How to have “Creative Ideas”

我到底该怎么做才能想出这么多有趣又实用的奇思妙想呢?其实,要想拥有有趣又实用的奇思妙想,首先你要成为一名知识渊博的、有冒险精神的、开拓思维的、有反思意识的、关心他人的质疑者。当然如果你只是嘴上说说是没用的,最重要的是马上行动!How do I have so many interesting and practical creative ideas? In fact, first you need to be knowledgeable, and be a risk-taker. You have to be a thinker inquiring and reflective, You have to care deeply about something as well. Of course, actions speak louder than words. 

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比较适合小学生开展的行动可以是以下3种:The following three are suitable for Primary Years Students:

① 促进社会正义Social justice

你可以在日常生活中仔细观察社会中的不足之处、维护所有人应享有的权利、促进平等和公平。You can observe your daily life carefully, guard everyone’s rights and ensure that they are equal and justified.

比如去年Bryan和Cody同学设计的验票机学校规定每天一个年级的学生可以去游乐园玩,但是他们发现总有其他年级的学生混在其中,所以他们设计了一个自动验票机,验明年级后方可入内,这样就能保证游乐园井然有序。For example, last year Bryan and Cody designed the ticket-checking machine. The school rule is to allow one year level students to go to the amusement park everyday. However they found that other year level students always mixed themselves into the group. So these boys designed an automatic ticket-checking machine to check that the proper year level students went to the amusement park when they were supposed to. 

② 社会创新social entrepreneurship

你还可以根据身边人的各种需要,发挥自己的已有知识和技能找到新颖、明智和可持续的解决方案。You can also make full use of your prior knowledge and skills to find the new smart sustainable solutions according to all kinds of needs of the people around you.  


For example, last year Lucia designed a remote watering kettle. She found that it was easy to get heatstroke under the sun watering the plants. So she linked the watering kettle with the remote car. She made a remote watering kettle. In doing so, she could lie on the comfortable sofa but still water the plants. 

③ 选择生活方式Lifestyle choices

为了更好地开展学习,你还可以思考哪些方法可以使我们的学习生活变得更加健康。In order to study well, you can think about which method lets your life be healthier. 


For example, last year Ariel, Briana and Jeffery designed the smart bird’s house to help the little birds in the neighbourhood pass the cold winter warmly.  

这3个想法真是太棒了!在这些奇思妙想的背后无不体现出这些同学仔细观察身边小事、关心他人、富有创造力的综合素养!These three ideas are amazing! Behind them, it reflects that these students observed the things around them carefully. They cared about others. They were creative. 


你也像他们一样充满奇思妙想吗?你也特别细心观察身边的人和物吗?快来报名参加“奇思妙想”校长奖吧!Do you want to be creative just like them? Do you observe the people and animals around you carefully? Hurry up! Join the “Creative Ideas Principal’s Awards”!